Thursday, March 25, 2010

some summer favorites

i looked through my ever-growing iphone photo album today at the library, since i had neither internet access nor the desire to actually do homework, and found all these awesome gems i took last summer in new orleans:
brad and angie's pad, just around the corner from our apartment in the quarter
on a horse-drawn buggy, taking a tour of treme,
with my ass stuck to the seat because it was so hot,
the oldest african-american neighborhood in the us
oak alley plantation, where i tasted abita strawberry harvest for the first time
and then stole the glass it came in for a souvenir
marty doing tree pose in oak alley
some pretty flowers in the marigny
an as-of-yet unidentified movie set in the quarter, just 2 blocks from our apartment
a period piece, no doubt
why, oh why, couldn't this be the set of green lantern, currently filming in new orleans and starring ryan reynolds!?!?!?!?!
a beautiful remembrance, in the marigny
i'm a law student and i still misspell this word

stay tuned! there's a lot more where those came from, and new orleans needs some more love on this blog!

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