Monday, March 8, 2010

scarf crazy

when my roommates and i moved in together, we found ourselves with a unique (and wonderful) predicament: what does one do when the collections of 3 scarf aficionados collide?

our options were: continue using the plastic rubbermaid container roommates had stolen from their down-the-hall neighbors from their last apartment (i found this option to be slightly undignified); keep them in our respective rooms and maintain an open-door policy on borrowing (this seemed to me to be tempting disaster and scavenging); or pile them up in a corner and hope for the best (imagine the wrinkles! horrors!). none of these seemed ideal.

and then, it dawned on me: the space-saving technique i'd been using since my college days - when in doubt, hang it on the wall:
as soon as guests come in, they know they're in the company of fashionistas
this is a great way to get accessorized in the morning
options galore
but hording scarves in thy room is forbidden
obviously i'll be taking this idea with me to new orleans, although my collection will be thirded. i need to start stocking up now

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