Saturday, March 6, 2010

study buddy?

the mpre is over. i can breathe! yesterday the day was spent "studying," which basically consisted of practice exams interspersed with bags of chips, pizzas and feline distractions. kiki's three black cats, ani (the queen bee), klaus and doyle kept us highly entertained.
here are klaus and doyle with their outdoor girlfriend,
who visits with them on the sill

being stuck inside on beautiful day was torture

pretty little details everywhere

this is what a bookcase should look like

more interesting knick-knacks from kiki's travels

of course at the end of the day we rewarded ourselves with a trip to hema's kitchen in indiatown. it is beyond delicious, the service is amazing, the restaurant is a byob (my fave!) and it's totally affordable! here is all the food [the three of us] ordered:
naan, chicken biryani, raita, murg makhani, haryali chicken and egg curry.
= yum

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