Thursday, March 31, 2011

yes, we're from new orleans

don't worry, natives. by "from" i only mean that am a resident, am employed, pay taxes and generally fulfill all the more mundane requirements of being "from" a place (i.e., grocery shopping at breaux mart, enjoying coffee from cc's, listening to wwoz, decorating my house with throws, etc) - AND i eat crawfish on newspaper (the gambit, to be exact) in my living room (while watching anthony bourdain's "no reservations" in new orleans, no less) on tuesdays with my roommate.

AND we suck the heads.
but don't worry, i know where i'm from.

ps - speaking of crawfish, remember this?!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

mardi gras!

wow this is late. forgive me? with my computer having bitten the dust and our internet on the fritz, blogging has not been in the cards. in addition i had to allot time for mardi gras celebration and recovery and many, many guests in the past few weeks - with more to come! i just wanted to quickly share a little series of photographs i did in order to memorialize the countless parades i went to during carnival. the first three photos are roommate, me and our friend liz after pontchartrain.
following pygmalion
marty and i after carrollton and king arthur
after muses - with my shoe! (confused? read this)
following iris and tucks
marty and i after proteus and orpheus on lundi gras