Monday, July 12, 2010

i love you, iphoto

it's troublesome that as soon as i feel good about a question i've answered, i turn away from studying altogether and head to the internet for distractions. it's even worse when the internet quality has gone down seriously in this house since the owner of the good wireless router moved away, so i have to revert to editing old photos in order to distract myself.

a few months ago, i posted a series of old minolta photos i'd taking (here, here, and here). i went back and took a look at the "over-exposed" series and decided to see if iphoto could hold its own even against these terribly bright photos.
i'm pretty impressed with the result. the colors are strange but at least it doesn't look like my friends are ghosts that show up in the background of pictures when you're photographing a mirror in an old haunted castle or something (hearst castle? anybody?)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

hup, hup holland!

marty and his roommate chris at kick-off
not to be confused with a nike ad or fraternity promotional image
go netherlands!
or, if you're me, go torts!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

ps i found new orleans!

ok, ok, i'm gone.

well this is pretty amazing

sorry, sorry... i know i'm supposed to be studying. but the bar can bite me. especially when i find something cool like this - an analysis of flickr photos from chicago by local v. tourist. clearly the creator of this map has a lot of time on his hands but i appreciate the ingenuity. red means tourist, blue means local.
check out the rest of the "locals and tourists" photostream here

Friday, July 9, 2010

roommate has arrived!

and we're already loving our new digs

i think it's about that time...

i am taking a hiatus from blogging. the bar exam is 2 weeks away! so i went on we heart it for some images of books to inspire me. at this point they've only inspired me to hit the road with my camera, lay around, drink coffee and wear cute clothes. so be it. wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

poolside on the fourth

we spent the day baking in the georgia sun on the 4th of july. it was incredibly relaxing and it felt fantastic to soak up some vitamin d. add in a child-sized watermelon to keep us hydrated and we were set.

Monday, July 5, 2010

oh, weekends away...

i spent a great (and totally unproductive, but whatever) 4th of july weekend in atlanta and alpharetta, georgia going to phish concerts, relaxing by the pool and eating a lot of waffle house late at night. it was so fun and disconcerting to forget my responsibilities for a couple of days. i brought my camera along for the 4th to make memories out of amateur fireworks and an amazing concert.
the infamous lot and shakedown street
my cohorts ben, chris and marty
following the show, the lot become a minefield of firecrackers
i tried my hand the light show, as well. it was quite frightening and short-lived
our hotel pool in the aftermath of july 4th

Friday, July 2, 2010


in honor of the fourth of july, i performed my civic duty of stimulating the economy by spending my hard-earned leftover loan money on urban's biggest sale ever. after watching what felt like 20 hours' worth of videos about security rights and some other crap i'll never need to know (which was in fact only 6 hours), i needed to reward myself for my hard work. patriotism at its finest, wouldn't you say? many deals of the day to come in 5-7 business days.

anyway, i'm off this weekend to alpharetta, georgia for a couple of phish shows, much-needed poolside time and maybe tubing - interspersed with learning about secured transactions, of course. happy 234th birthday, america.

image via we heart it