Monday, March 15, 2010

where i get it from

i spent sunday with the rents since my dad just returned from poland. after i delivered my homemade banana bread, dad went to take a jet-lagged nap and mom went to write some emails. i was left to my own devices and had brought nothing to do except for my trusty nikon and my family law book. i was far from desperate enough to read for school so i took in my dad's camera collection:
some might call this cluttered - i think it's pretty cool
the vintage photographs might be overkill...
but how cool are these cameras?

he also collects clocks... and books...
among a myriad of other things.
it's quite the menagerie.
so we've solved the mystery of the origins of my love for photography and penchant for collecting things

what do you collect? mark and i cannot be the only ones...

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  1. mark collects nothing, for he is a connoisseur