Thursday, February 18, 2010

welcome friends

so i've decided to start a blog. i know, i know - you're all thinking to yourselves that the blogverse is big enough without my meager contribution added to the mix. there are already awesome, successful bloggers out there (like her and her). like many of you (which would explain why some of you are here), i've become obsessed with blogs - blogsessed. i've read countless blogs and gathered inspiration and decided that i need to put my two cents in too - mostly because of my blogsession (if i'm going to spend this much time blogsessing, i might as well blogsess over my own blog, right? ok, ok, i'm done with the blog-obsess pun. i realize its not that original in the first place).

anyways, there's another reason i've decided to start a blog. come may, i'll be moving across the country to new orleans. i'm graduating from law school in chicago, pulling up my roots and making my way down to the big easy to find fun (for sure), fortune (ya, right) and adventure (mos def). AND a job (dear god i hope). since i'll be leaving my old life behind, i'm going to take some time away from the law books to reflect and share on this blog everything i love about this city and my peeps. i hope you enjoy following my journey as much as i enjoy living it.

am i really moving to a city where people dress like this?
this could get interesting...


  1. :) I love you and am excited about your blog! xoxo

  2. I've always wanted to do a blog. I always have sooo much to say about everything. But, I've learned the hard way, I don't always want everyone knowing what I'm thinking! (and I'd never find "the line"!). Good luck on this blog and on your journey!