Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i've decided...

...where to have my big, post-graduation dinner. and by big i of course mean me, marty, mark and mary. huge. we're going to town, people. i'll be ordering everything on the menu at carnivale because this meal will mark my last parent-paid-for meal before i enter the real world of lawyering. i'm sure my fear of this inevitable reality will result in word vomit, copious mojito-drinking and of course, gluttony. thankfully i'll be at my favorite restaurant in chicago when this undoubtedly tearful, hot messiness goes down.
my first experience at carnivale, a latin fusion (aka "nuevo latino," apparently) restaurant, was right after i returned from a "i-just-graduated-from-college,-i'm-starting-law-school-and-my-life-is-about-to-end-so-i-better-go-balls-to-the-walls" trip to south america with my friends. needless to say, carnivale, with menu items like sweet plantains covered in braised spicy beef, empanadas and churrasco, reminded me of all those argentinian, uruguayan and brazilian restaurants my lonely planet travel guide suggested we go to but we passed over because of the "$$$$" next to their names.

when i told mark my wish to go here after graduation, i saw those same dollar signs flash in his eyes as he calculated how much a full-blown graduation party would cost here. as much as i would love to have a set up like this:
i'm not really ready to take out another loan in order to pay for a party.
a girl can dream, though.

images via david wittig photography and tripadvisor.com

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  1. all that talk about the yummy food at carnivale made me very hungry...and it's only 9:25 :o(