Monday, March 1, 2010

definitely a win

first, let me take a brief moment to lament the fact that the olympics have ended. what will i do now that i cannot have a gratuitous tear-fest every night when i watch a video montage of [insert name here]'s struggle to make it to the big games, overcoming the adversity of [some political conflict] in [some country]?

to add insult to injury, can we TALK about the closing ceremonies? um... nickelback? guy who is the lead singer and whose name i do not know, your first pumps and lyrics re: partying 'til we burn the world down were less than inspiring. avril lavigne? are you kidding? first of all, the song "my happy ending" wasn't the greatest choice (especially for the olympic-hopefuls-turned-losers, considering the most repeated part of the song is "so much for my happy ending"). then she sang "girlfriend," which avril clearly fancies to be quite the olympic anthem. more fist-pumps ensued. follow this up with simple plan giving the most boring performance of their lives, and alanis morissette who, aside from looking mighty fine and boobylicious, lip-synched about being a princess, and you have a very disappointing smattering of "talent" to represent canada. ugh.

more about fist-pumps: this made me feel infinitely better after my olympic disappointment:

at first i wasn't going to post this, since it has nothing to do with either chicago or new orleans. but then marty pointed out that this poster was in fact hanging in front of republic, one of the few "clubs" (i use that term loosely) in my soon-to-be new home. this dig at the jersey shore losers, then, was totally justified.

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