Tuesday, March 30, 2010

spotlight on simon

there's a local new orleanian folk artist named simon (pronunciation: see-moan. i made a huge mistake when i pronounced his name the other way) whose artwork you see literally everywhere: restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, front porches, bathroom doors and everywhere in between. one day a few months ago i stepped into an antique store on jackson and magazine and happened upon simon's outdoor studio:
his style is incredibly distinct, which is why it's recognizable all over the city!
his work, seemingly silly and simple, usually poorly disguises simon's political commentary
and he always gives props to all things new orleans, including the saints
here's simon's most iconic piece:
the story behind its origin is incredible.

the great thing about simon is that he will create literally anything you want. my future roommate becky was recently gifted this beautiful piece. it's already been designated a spot above our entryway!
like i said, literally anything:

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