Monday, March 22, 2010

start wearing purple

i was reading through the chicago magazine that comes to my parents' house for some reason (none of us remembers ordering it. or architectural digest. or better homes and gardens. or time. or newsweek. we just know the source of the victoria's secret catalog). anyways, i was reading through the magazine, which i rarely have the time to do, and i stumbled across a concert listing for a band by the name of gogol bordello. i was intrigued. gogol as in nikolai? eastern european something? this i had to see!
the shirtless wonder in the middle is the lead singer, a ukranian chernobyl refugee and hopefully my future boyfriend

so i did some research on the gypsy punk band (um, that designation is enough to make me want to go see them) and i'm obsessed. check out one of their songs, "start wearing purple*," here. this song also appears on the "everything is illuminated" soundtrack, which just so happens to be one of the best, funniest films ever made. AND the lead singer of gogol bordello (my boyfriend, remember) is in the movie! everything is falling into place.

well i am definitely going to see gogol at the congress theatre next month. considering the last 15 or so concerts i went to were phish shows (well, not exclusively. i did go to see and some others), it's time to see something new!
i will use any excuse to share/gawk at pictures of g. - is it obvious?

*i wore a purple shirt today for the first time ever! i think that is a huge sign, wouldn't you agree?!
ok ok it was purple with blue stripes. or blue with purple stripes. but still.

gogol bordello image via show clix

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  1. Cute blog! I loooove the dress you have pictured below. Too cute. :)