Friday, February 26, 2010

workin for the weekend

ah, friday. a day of such promise. except for when it's 9 am and you realize you have 8 hours ahead of you until freedom. my office is not that exciting (altho the building is pretty damn cool, given that it's on the national register of historic places and all), but i wanted to share the tiny little scrap of outside i can see (by some miracle, i managed to get the one seat by the window. it's a hot commodity round here):

you can see a tiny little bit of the lake (i'm sure back in the day i would have been able to see the lake just fine. stupid skyscrapers.).

ps sorry for all the recent cityscapes. i just downloaded the shakeitphoto app on my iphone and i have become OBSESSED with taking faularoids of everything. yes, that is what they're called.

have a great friday everyone - let's hope it goes fast. anyone have any fun plans this weekend??

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