Friday, March 19, 2010


yesterday was an unprecedented 60+ degree day... in march... during spring break. miraculous. i grabbed my nikon, hopped on my bike and made my way to the lakefront. it was incredible! i have to admit, it was a tad annoying, stopping every few minutes to get my camera out of my backpack, but the images were totally worth it!
this is the coolest place! next time i promise to go in

i love this view. after the conservatory, my next goal is kayaking the chicago river
north ave beach. weird thing is that when i passed by again a little while later, this derelict chair was gone

navy pier's ferris wheel
did you know the first ferris wheel ever opened at the 1893 chicago world's fair? it was a way for chicago to show paris (and the eiffel tower) who was boss. the history of this city is so amazing
i had to bust out the zoom lens for this
geese freak me out

i made it to museum campus before i got cold, tired and runny-nosed

this is probably the best view of the city there is
the architecture never ceases to amaze me
i was totally breaking the rules, biking with an ipod and no helmet. woops.
my mode of transport and the adler planetarium

after my triumphant return i collapsed in a heap on the couch and didn't move for the rest of the day, biding my time until project runway came on seven hours later. like i said, fittest.

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  1. So amazing Margie! I'm very very impressed.
    Btw - I totally wanna go kayaking with you!