Tuesday, September 7, 2010

big news!

i bought a car! it's a nissan rogue and it's ALL MINE!

*okay. please forgive the uber cheesy photo. i know i look like one of those girls who demonstrate the cars at an auto show. in my defense, marty and i were headed for a wedding when my dad wanted to take the picture. besides, i am so high on life right now i don't care how stupid i look.

Friday, September 3, 2010

quote of the day

on new orleans: "we don't hide our crazy people. we bring them out and parade them around" - dixie carter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

first day.

yesterday was my first day at my new job! yes, i am officially an attorney in new orleans. well, not an attorney. a legal fellow who hopefully passed the bar. and whose criminal background check hasn't come in yet, so i cannot be around children, elderly or disabled individuals while at work. it's kind of awkward. come october, i should be official!

anyway, my first day was crazy busy. i didn't even stop to eat! things will inevitably calm down once i get myself organized (aka go ocd on my desk, track down a filing cabinet and buy myself a planner). everything is very exciting and pretty nerve-wracking. hopefully my second day will involve some sustenance.

image via we heart it

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

our gallery wall

ever since becky and i decided to move in together, we dreamt of two things: a gallery wall, and a new orleans-style mantel we could decorate with odds and ends. the apartment i found for us was perfect in all but one aspect: it did not have the mantel we'd envisioned cluttering with our crap for so long. so, we set out on a search for a mantel we could install on one of our many 12-foot-high walls and discovered that old mantels are actually quite pricey. well, you know how when you stop looking for something, you find it? when my dad was in town, we spent some time in magazine street's many antique stores, ogling at the prices and trying not to knock anything over. then i discovered this garage, and lo and behold, what do i find but our dream mantel. the price wasn't right at first, but with dad on my side, we quickly negotiated a fair price and hit the road with our steal.
our gallery wall is made up of art from new orleans, originals by becky and my mom's best friend, and gifts from friends
becky's custom-made simon piece
on the right, a sculpture becky made.