Thursday, March 25, 2010

easy veggie soup

i returned home today feeling very manic, so i embarked on a major scrub-down of the kitchen and decided to muss it up immediately thereafter by cooking a hearty veggie soup. here's how it's made:

step 1: don cute apron from spain or tourist spot of your choosing
thanks kiki!
step 2: gather a few staples - carrots, onions and tomatoes
i ended up using half of this huge onion, 1 large carrot and both tomatoes
step three: roughly chop the modified mirepoix and saute in olive oil with some garlic
step 4: once the veggies are soft, toss in some bouillon cubes of your choosing ( i used vegetable) and add water
step 5: try and dig out some frozen vegetables from you freezer
goooood luck with that, if your freezer looks anything like mine:
step 6: once the bouillon-flavored water has come up to a boil, toss in frozen vegetables of your choice. i like blackeyed peas, baby lima beans, and corn. once you toss those in and bring the soup back up to a boil, add frozen collard greens (which are surprisingly hard to find in chicago. we're so northern)
step 7: flavor to taste, and you're done!
here's the finished product...
add a dollop of sour cream, some crusty bread and enjoy!

ps: eat it cold the next day as a lovely spring-y gazpacho!

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