Wednesday, June 30, 2010

breakfast for lunch

about a week ago i visited the crescent city farmer's market in mid-city with my friend maggie. we picked up goodies like chocolate milk, feta cheese, fresh shrimp and white nectarines (and i have to say, the white nectarines were probably the most delicious fruit i'd ever tasted). anyway, i was sifting through the fridge yesterday, trying to find something to eat, and i realized i'd forgotten about the delicious produce i bought! lebanese eggplant, green peppers, and banana peppers begged to be eaten. because i'd had a lazy morning (one of those mornings where you're just too lazy to eat breakfast, even though you're totally starving), i decided to make breakfast for lunch. i call it vegetarian "hash" - although the only reason i called it hash is because i cut up all the veggies really small. there was nothing hash about it; no bacon (sadly) and no potatoes. but it was still REALLY good. i'm sure the over easy egg and slice of white cheddar i put on top of the concoction had something to do with that.
athena kept watch

exit through the gift shop

my soon-to-be roommate, soon-to-no-longer-be-a-resident-of-jacksonville becky went to see exit through the gift shop: a banksy film, a documentary about street art. i don't know the exact premise of the film, but hearing about it got me thinking about my goal to stalk all the banksy installations throughout new orleans.
more to come, i hope! i know that becky is way better at banksy stalking than i am. she apparently is better at reading, as well, since i thought for two years banksy's name was actually bansky. i happen to prefer my pronunciation of this person's FAKE NAME but that's neither here nor there.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

you know you're in louisiana when...

you're sitting in bar review class and you learn that "theft of crawfish" is a crime, on the books.
guess i'd better rethink that crawfish boil crime ring i was thinking about founding.

image via airstream life

p.s. - theft of an alligator is a crime, too. you've been warned.

Monday, June 28, 2010

cook-outs, po boys and studying, oh my

i had my first guy's po boy this weekend. it was delicious. i'm usually not a fan of roast beef but when it's dressed with creole mustard, mayo, tomatoes, pickles and lettuce on fresh, crispy french bread, i suddenly love it. makes for good game-watching food as well.
a porch bbq on the mini weber with athena keeping watch was a perfect way to spend saturday night.
now, about that run...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

fairweather sports fan

i think i speak for a lot of us when i say i don't really follow soccer. or hockey. or baseball. or basketball. i could go on but i don't think i can name any more sports. anyway, with all this world cup hoopla going on obviously i've been drawn in by housemates watching and the inability to turn down an excuse not to study. as such, i spent the morning drinking coffee, eating eggo waffles and watching germany vs. england. germany's win made me reminiscent of my study abroad trip to germany, and specifically of the uefa euro 2008 championship, which i watched with my fairweather fandom kicked into high gear.
i think my outfit is proof of just how into it i was
the streets of augsburg all aglow after a loss, no less
following said loss to spain, some friends who'd been wearing german flags as skirts ripped them up and passed out the remnants for all to wear. i'm sure someone in england is doing the same as we speak.

i'm gonna be a supermodel

we're dogsitting! i'm a seasoned veteran, what can i say. while our friends charley and shelby are off galavanting in california and mexico (ugh), we have athena for a whole month! thankfully she's super chill and very photogenic. it should be a good month of naps, walks and tug-of-war (no fetch though - poor athena's got a torn acl!). she's already proven to be a great study buddy and still-life for my photographing pleasure.
this is totally one of those "feet photos" photographers love to take. i am so on my way, people.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

bad, ambitious idea of the week: running

i know, it sounds like a bad idea.
perplexed? me too. but the food in new orleans is just too good and sitting around studying just isn't doing it for me. so running it is. we'll see how this goes.

image via 5 senses reeling


both chicago and new orleans have had some crazy storms over the last week - but judging by these images, i think chicago won the contest.
see the rest of the images on the chicagoist

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


after 7 hours of class today, a walk was absolutely necessary.
so i photographed it. per usual. it just so happens that these photos had a theme to them.

curried lentil distraction

after a little studying today - emphasis on the little - i took an extended break and cooked curried lentils with coconut milk (i used this recipe). usually it would have been a cinch if not for the fact that every single knife in this house is dull and i was using a glass cutting board, so chopping 4 large creole tomatoes, a medium onion and 2 cloves of garlic was taxing, to say the least.
don't judge me for my plastic bag. i should have bought a bunch of these long ago and didn't.
my version was definitely soupier than expected. nothing some jasmine rice and naan couldn't mop up

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

green thumb

my newest non-bar-related ambition (because i have so many) is to build a raised bed and start a small garden a la the eat drink nola guru. of course, my dream garden looks something like this:
(cute pregnant lady not included)
(adorbs rain/gardening boots and orange trees preferably included)

we'll see how this goes. advice/telling me exactly what to do is welcome.