Thursday, March 11, 2010

girl's best friend

don't worry this post is NOT about diamonds. the fact that i don't own any certainly came in handy in new orleans when marty's house was broken into and ransacked and my jewelry was passed over by the thief. i guess it wouldn't be worth much at a pawn shop, but it is worth it's weight in gold to me (no pun intended). my collection has grown significantly over the years and again presented me with the challenge of what to do with it. inspired by my mom, who decorates frames, lamp switches and other random household objects with earth-toned jewelry, i came up with the following solution:
there's so much! it makes me so proud
this is actually a bamboo tie rack adorned with necklaces - i added the other little decorations like the greek evil eye and peruvian santa claus made out of a gourd just to make things a little more interesting
this used to be the door to an antique china cabinet. i took the glass panes out and replaced them with window netting from the hardware store to have a great place to hang all my earrings
i'm starting to run out of room
everything else goes in this antique toolbox i refurbished with some pretty, scented (ha!) drawer and cabinet liner i bought at marshall's. the top won't close any more, so sue me.

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