Monday, March 29, 2010


the other day i shared with you a few of my favorite iphone pictures from my summer in new orleans. i uploaded another small batch to share and realized that i had had a lot of animal encounters over the summer. apparently i'm not the self-proclaimed "not animal person" i thought i was - but i still can't get down with cats.*
i met this little guy named elvis on a swamp tour. kiki and i hogged holding him, even though there were small children on the tour with us.
this is a real albino alligator! marty and i met him at the audubon zoo
while i was volunteering at treme under the bridge, a monthly artists' market, a local french quarter resident brought over his pet miniature horse. some people brought their dogs, this gentleman brought his domesticated horse. nbd.
some more new friends from the audubon zoo
turtle turtle turtle.
i really wish i didn't have the urge to say that every time i saw one.
especially since i own one.

*even this proclamation is somewhat questionable.


  1. Ruby needs to come play asap!

  2. i want elvis to come play! he can live in my bathtub. oh and i wanna go to that zoo