Thursday, March 4, 2010

here comes the sun

now that the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence here in the chi (hellooooo seasonal affective disorder. there's a reason its acronym is SAD) i ran upstairs to get reacquainted with our rooftop deck. running up there in my pj's probably wasn't the smartest move, considering my fingers nearly fell off, i was shivering uncontrollably and i could see my breath. but that's what we chicagoans do when spring starts to tease us with longer days, sunshine and temperatures above 32 - we drive with our sun roofs open and windows down, swear off heavy coats and mittens, throw the uggs in the closet (all while we shiver and shake and whisper to ourselves, "suck it up. it's spring!").

i can't say what i encountered on our rooftop (which i hadn't seen in easily 3 months) was your typical spring day. but hey, technically there's still 15 days till spring springs.
here is my failed attempt at growing sunflowers organically (using coffee beans as fertilizer). they were supposed to look like this, as encountered by my friend becky at where ya bean, a coffee shop/art gallery/hippy haven in jacksonville, fl. maybe because i started growing them in august and the weather turned to winter in september that they grew a miserly two feet with no petals to boot.

i put these lights up around the deck with painstaking precision (staple guns are not my friends, especially not the old school kind my dad insisted would be safer than the kind that electronically shoot death staples at 100mph. he probably had a point) only for us to enjoy them one (albeit fabulous) time.

you would think we'd be at that corner bar every day. we're not. it's a long story that starts with my bike getting stolen and ends with me getting hung up on by someone by the name of glascott. that's all i'll say.

halsted street.

leaves, won't you please start to grow?

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