Thursday, March 4, 2010

collaborative art

my lovely friend becky (and future roomie!) has set out on a new orleans-themed artistic endeavor. here's a picture of her so you know what she looks like. how hauntingly beautiful is this image? it was shot with a holga, a medium format plastic toy camera. holgas take the most interesting and slightly "off" photos (with some creative editing of course):

image by kelly latos

so becky has taken a number of my photographs of new orleans and created collages out of them! this is how we'll make our millions, i'm sure...

the image of the water tower is another friend's. the smokestacks and building are mine,
taken from the mississippi river on the natchez riverboat. isn't the coloring incredible?

unfortunately i cannot take credit for the beautiful images of bourbon street.
the tutus, however, are MINE!

i especially love the daytime and nighttime scenes taken from a balcony on bourbon
juxtaposed one on top of the other. what an appropriate image of bourbon street,
a boulevard of debauchery and mischief but also incredible beauty and charm.

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