Wednesday, March 17, 2010

evening on the deck

i got home from work today and riding my bike to yoga just didn't seem like a viable option. instead i decided to take advantage of the daylight, grabbed a bottle of wine and my nikon and headed for the roof.
the sun was just beginning to set as i settled into my deck chair
of course i got antsy just sitting there. the natural light was too tempting, i had to take some fun pictures
sunlight makes the simplest scenes looks incredible
i'm still trying to figure out where these towers came from, and what building they belong to
i love any excuse to bust out my aviators.
come summertime, i live in them!

my little "wine night" on the roof came with a pleasant surprise:
buds on the trees!
the first real sign of spring
it seems that my request has been answered.
looks like this is a proper spring break after all!

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