Friday, March 19, 2010

runway rundown

last week the designers worked in teams*. LOVE the drams that inevitably results. the challenge was neighborhood inspiration - chinatown, harlem, lower and upper east sides. emilio and seth aaron were the winners with harlem and their looks kicked!
denim everything, synonymous with the canadian tuxedo, is usually a hot mess. but they made it work beautifully

the runners-up were anthony and maya with chinatown. i loved the subtle little details - the pagoda-esque jacket, red peeking out of the skirt, and the chinese dragon-like details on the nighttime look, making it so much more than an lbd!

can someone please explain the judges' obSEssion with mila? i thought we were over the black and red look that was oh-so-popular circa 2006.

this got me thinking: which chicago neighborhoods would be inspirational?

*i know i'm a week and a day late on my two cents. last weekend was the weekend of food and booze so i got a little behind on all my shows. this week was too boring to comment on, so here we are.

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