Monday, March 19, 2012

a frame solution

recently (ok, fine, in early january) marty and i stumbled into an amazing gallery in the quarter and acquired two lithographs: one of a dachshund i'd been admiring since marty moved to the quarter in 2008, and another of a 1938 promotional poster for zion national park in utah (some info about this series of posters, commissioned during the great depression to assist struggling artists, here). seeing as i'd visited zion last may, and almost climbed to the very top of angel's landing (only to be bested by the positively terrifying half-mile summit push consisting of sharp drop offs, narrow paths and one tiny little chain to grip), clearly i needed to own this vintage poster, if not for any other reason than to be reminded every day that i'd cheated death.

anyway, like any self-respecting thrifty diy couple, marty and i naturally declined the print shop's offer to professionally frame our rare print, knowing that we could do it ourselves. eventually a trip to michael's frame section followed, wherein i learned that our rare print was, naturally, not standard sized, which meant that framing it would cost roughly the same as one month's rent. so, as tends to happen around here when diy projects have come to an inevitably expensive standstill, i placed our rare print under the futon to gather dust while i mulled over a solution. and by mulled, i of course mean scoured the internet for other people's solutions. eventually an ork posters purchase led me to this brilliant idea. and so, like any self-respecting thrifty diy'er, i STOLE said idea. but, i'm giving credit where credit is due, so there's that. total cost: 4.69 (4-pack of hangers from target) + .39 (1 package of black embroidery thread for hanging).
oh. right. during my blog hiatus i acquired a new 50mm f/1.8D lens i have yet to thoroughly play with. therefore, forgive me these slightly narcissistic and terribly awkward shots.
ring: also newly acquired and not properly photographed.