Friday, March 12, 2010

deal of the day

when i'm in the mood for a good deal and an assuredly successful shopping trip, i head to target (but only when i'm in desperate need of other essentials, like toothpaste. otherwise i'd be there everyday, blowing my millions). check out these adorable and affordable purchases i made:
statement earrings - no other jewelry needed! (unless you're me)
the perfect summer maxi dress, forgiving in all the right places, pretty pattern and effortless (and only $20!!!). pair it with some comfy leather sandals (still need to get on that), chunky bracelets and big bag and you're set for lunch, cocktails, a concert, anything. it'll definitely come in handy in the new orleans heat!
here's a close-up of the colorful design

*thanks to jaime for the post idea!

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