Saturday, March 27, 2010

dad & daughter project

so i'm finally following up on my "big reveal," as promised last weekend. a few days ago i showed you an incredible, eclectic new york studio i was absolutely in love with. i was especially smitten with this little spice cabinet, and decided i had to reproduce it for my dream kitchen:
my other inspiration was this rustic teal armoire. i love the color (obviously), the rusty hinges and handles and the overall distressed look:
i knew my dad had bought this little cabinet forever ago at a flea market and never used it. as it turns out, it was only 75 cents!
so, last weekend, mark and i ran out to menards and picked up some sprucing supplies - rust-oleum semi-gloss paint in "turquoise" ($8), two crappy little paint brushes ($1.76) and pretty new knobs ($2.49 each).
i know it looks like i did nothing, but there really was nothing to our project. we taped up the glass with painter's tape so we could be messy, and sloppily applied two coats of turquoise paint (the sloppier, the better; it let the wood peak through a bit, making the aged, rustic look easier to accomplish).
after the paint was very, very dry (this takes a few days), we gave the cabinet a "distressed" look by sanding parts of the cabinet with sandpaper to re-expose the wood. we screwed on the new knobs, and that was it! now i just need some spices!
here are some close-ups of the sanding:

aren't these the cutest?

thanks for the help, dad!

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  1. GREAT job, this is so awesome. I absolutely luvvvv it!