Tuesday, March 16, 2010

outdoor spaces

my glamorous spring break '10 is off to a kickin' start. after poppin' bottles and makin' it rain all weekend, i decided i was sick of the penthouse i'd rented for the week and started looking for new digs. here are my options:
green valley, ca. i could use a swim
this is in d.c. - might not be warm enough this week.
on the colorado river in austin - i could hit up sxsw while i'm at it
frank lloyd wright "sowden house" in l.a. i like it.

so, what do you think of my options? even though the sun has finally started to shine today, chicago's expecting rain and temps in the 40s this weekend and i am not down with that. i need a tan, a pool and a mojito.

images via architectural digest. thank you, mark, for the subscription, every month bringing me images of homes i will never be able to afford and furniture whose designer's name i cannot pronounce.

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