Monday, January 31, 2011

the book nook

since my work friends and i started a book club, the little reading nook becky and i created by our big bright window in our all-purpose room has totally come in handy. from it you can see our huge magnolia tree and the neighbors' bright blue pool surrounded by palm trees. you feel like you're on vacation! thanks to our book nook, i finished the irresistible henry house in a flash (probably because it was amazing and so fun to read) - although nothing, not even a full pot of coffee and the sun streaming in could make freedom bearable (sorry, new york times and the millions of people who got duped into liking this book). during book club downtime i've finished water for elephants (i realize i am three years late in hopping on that bandwagon but i was blown away - the circus is so fascinating!) and now i'm reading the help, which made driving through jackson, mississippi this weekend interesting since the book takes place there in the 1960s (more on the birthday roadtrip later!). next on the book club's agenda is the next thing on my list! since i got to pick henry house, it won't be my turn for quite a while, but does anyone have any book recommendations? i've got a book nook and i need to use it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

art nook

b's head nearly exploded from joy when i told her i had an easel at my disposal. it was the first thing standing in our apartment and continues to be one of the only things we own with legs (fyi - this is a poorly shielded cheap shot at the fact that we still do not own a table and i do not foresee us owning one in the immediate future). my old work bench (formally seen here) serves as a great base for the vintage trunk we use to store art supplies.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

cocktail nook

i've been a terrible blogger and haven't bragged with pictures of my adorable new orleans apartment (well, except for here). so, over the next couple of days, i'll share some of the "nooks" becky and i have carved out of our little place. our apartment being as little as it is naturally lends itself to the creation of nooks, since there isn't enough space to really create separate areas; that, and we don't have enough furniture for that sort of thing. after i saw this post on a cup of jo, i knew we would need to have a fully stocked, old school bar (um, hello?). becky came up with the idea of mad men-inspired crystal decanters (which we have yet to fill with booze), and i obliged by seeking them out not surprisingly in my parents' basement. my parents also had this amazing bar cart, which happens to have been one of their first purchases in the united states. how cool!? from chicago in the 1980s to new orleans today, it is now adorned with some select libations and a traditional albeit slightly scary-looking mask.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

jolie & elizabeth

roomie's been modeling for new orleans designers jolie & elizabeth for a few months now (check them out here and here). a few weeks ago we decided to join forces and play around town with my camera and photograph some new, mardi gras-inspired designs. this past weekend the sun came out and the weather was relatively agreeable so we got to finally collaborate and have some fun. we ended up shooting some photos by the new orleans school of ballet, the milan lounge, and on marty's roof and front porch (of all places!). i don't know what it is that made jolie think i was qualified to take pictures of her beautiful designs, but here we are. not bad for my first time, right?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i got to go to my very first hornets game last night! marty got me a $10 ticket (we're talking nosebleeds, people. the air was so thin up there that we needed oxygen tanks) and it was a ball (no pun intended)! the game was super exciting and the hornets ended up winning at the last second, 91-89. my favorite part of the whole thing was the fact that instead of chanting "defense," the entire arena chanted "bee-fense." hilarious! thanks for the night out, martian :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

welcome to 2011 - with baby fever!

it feels to me like 2011 has greeted the universe with a baby boom. several friends of friends' (so, in polish, my "cousins") have had some adorable little bambinos in the last week. all of my hollywood besties - namely, natalie portman, alicia silverstone, victoria beckham and marion cotillard (swoon!) - are with child. two of my favorite bloggers (this cutie and this lil bee) are expecting as well. and to top things off, my ADORABLE friend evelyn is having a little boy in a few short weeks!

i do take issue with evelyn, of course, because we took the bar together and it took me until thanksgiving to realize she was in her first trimester during bar study. mind you, this was the girl waking up at the buttcrack of dawn to go to a 6am hot yoga class before bar review and then lapping me at the library every single day (if and when i showed up, that is). here i already thought evelyn was undoubtedly the most put-together person i'd ever met, only to find out she was with child the entire time. needless to say, i'm really glad i passed too because otherwise i would have felt like a real idiot next to her.

evelyn of course made it up to me by inviting me to her baby shower! all is forgiven, as it was my first ever baby shower (marty's, too... thank god for co-ed everything these days!). i take great pride in the gifts we (right - "we") chose - a short stack of golden books (talk about blast from the past!) and some adorable onesies from storyville, a great local screenprint shop with the funniest shirts ever! the shower was so sweet. i can't wait to meet little michael!