Saturday, February 27, 2010

a well-earned meal

i went home this weekend to teach my mother how to use the internet. you would think in the year 2010 there was no one remaining on this earth who had not been exposed to the internet, but you'd be wrong. this fine specimen was living in close quarters with yours truly. i should have put her in a museum.

so on friday after document review, i packed up my bags, got on the blue line (and proceeded to fear for my life for the duration of the ride) and arrived to spend the weekend:
here is my room at my parent's house.
pro of coming home: waking up and smelling fresh coffee
made by someone other than myself
con: waking up and finding myself on the floor because i've rolled off
the twin bed that now inhabits my room at my parent's house

so, after i introduced mary to the inner workings of the world wide web and taught her how to set up a facebook page (HA yeah right), she wrote three emails and called it a day. we celebrated our triumph with a trip to our favorite place, maria's.
mar and her marg.
this is why i am now in a pretty serious food coma.
i cannot go on.

now excuse me while i enjoy the figure skating exhibition gala.
on this lovely saturday night.
i am too cool.

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