Saturday, February 20, 2010

so close, but so far

marty and i, fresh off of our phish 2009 tour tidal wave, decided to test our luck yesterday and headed out to the riv to scalp tickets to see trey (the lead singer/guitarist/front man of phish aka marty's idol). we weren't the only ones. what we encountered was dozens of cold hippies pointing their fingers above their heads - the discrete code of phish fans looking for a ticket. we joined the crowd but instantly foresaw that this wouldn't go anywhere. there were just too many fans and no one selling.

me in miami on new years, graciously selling my extra ticket for face value

obviously i was disappointed because i wouldn't get to listen to trey, but also because i wouldn't get to go into the riv. the riv is one of several old theatres and ballrooms in chicago that were built in the 1910s and 20s and now function as [incredibly popular] music venues. there's something about being in an old space that holds the secrets and history of the past that makes the music sound so much better. it's really fun to imagine what went on, who was there, what they wore, how they danced... okay, well it is for me.

anyways we ended up sitting at the
wild pug all night, just down the street (not before i snapped a pic of marty looking sorely disappointed). if we couldn't listen to trey, we would settle for a dj spinning techno versions of the rolling stones and 3 dollar newcastles (for me) and boddington's (for marty).

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  1. you still have good phish karma. expect huge returns on summer tour