Thursday, June 10, 2010

deal of the day!

rue la la is having a "secret suite" sale today and i got an email this morning informing me that i was one of the special few "invited." (whatever, i'm sure it's just a ploy to get people to buy clothes thinking they're way cheaper than they usually are and going fast. clearly it worked on me). anywho, check out the ADORBS free people dress i snagged! only $19. dear GOD i hope i got the right size. hopefully free people runs normal sizes because if it doesn't, i'll just have to starve myself so my shelf ass doesn't stick out - because that dress looks awfully short. i've already determined that i will rock this cuteness at voodoo fest with my woops boots (and maybe these earrings? no, not the orange ones as they are no longer with us. tear.) so it better fit. thankfully i have 1.5 months of studying for the bar and another 2 months after that to concern myself with better eating habits or not eating all (JK!! but maybe i should think about investing in this tee for inspiration.) before the voodoo fest dress debut* and the temperature dropping enough so i can actually wear my woops boots without melting.

*who am i kidding? that dress will be worn 12 times over by the time voodoo rolls around. but, like i said, i have to compete with the fashionista/hipsters who abound in the festival circuit, so planning far in advance is a must.

image via rue la la

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