Friday, June 4, 2010

i think i love you

but what am i so afraid of?
well, for one thing, the price tag. i dare not repeat it. but i cannot stop thinking about this chair and ottoman i found today at halpern's furniture on prytania.
you see, i fell in love with these pillows a couple of months ago on etsy and haven't been able to let them go. i revisit them every once in a while but haven't been able to make myself pay $50 for one pillow that doesn't even come with a pillow inside it (they are just shams! what a shame).
seeing this chair made me realize what i'd been waiting for. it's a floor model and it happens to be on sale (40% off of... no! i can't say it... let's just say 40% off isn't enough). if i can talk the owner down - here's hoping all these years of watching my dad haggle at antique markets has paid off - then it will be MINE!

1 comment:

  1. somehow, someway, this will make its way into our NOLA apt.