Wednesday, April 7, 2010

dog-sitters extraordinaire

my roommate missy's brother is doing his residency and works crazy, crazy hours. he recently adopted the sweetest little puppy and we are watching her for him for the next couple of days. world, meet toni:
she is the cutest cow-print dog i've ever seen
going in for the lick. thanks for cleaning the lens for me, toni!
she balked at going back in her cage, but our apartment is far from puppy-proof. leaving her was heartbreaking!
just look at that face!

i plan on adopting a dog as soon as i move down to new orleans (dogs = friend magnets). these next few days will be great training, since toni is the neediest little dog on earth. we love her already.


  1. obsessed! Counting down the hours until I can come home and play. And get ready for Round 2 of dog-sitting come Friday.

  2. toni, our adopted daughter. we'll miss her :( but she'll be back soon! we need to get a picture of her doing the stretch and roll-over.

  3. omg everytime i see these pictures I can't help but have the biggest smile on my face! i love her SO much! we must get her back! and squeeze her!!!!