Sunday, April 11, 2010

a quarter century of greatness

two of my lovely roommates [almost] share a birthday, so we had a party for them this weekend. pictured above are my incredible cookie cake icing skills
here are the birthday girls with me and renay
we pet-sat another pup this weekend, named onyx. she oversaw the party preparations before retiring to renay's room
lovely markita brought cupcakes and a promise to come visit me in new orleans
matt and ashley brought sparkling wine. that explains today's headache.
nevermind. this explains today's headache. maggie, if nothing else, i appreciate your lovely presentation
frankie meets her namesake, frankie the fish of mcdonald's fame
birthday girl missy and her brother, rob (aka dj euro rob), and his wonderful lady love nikka
easily two of my oldest friends. jen and i went to preschool together, while frankie and i were playground buddies
maggie's flip-cup rallying cry
missy's infamous wild mane returned for the night, which, not surprisingly, always coincides with a cocktail or two
purple shots mean trouble, no matter what
here are those cupcakes i mentioned, from sweet mandy b's on webster.
i'm beginning to develop a pretty serious cupcake fetish. the fact that i ate 2 of these after an all-night bingefest of baked brie and other delectables speaks volumes about their deliciousness.

i hope everyone had a great weekend! now excuse me while i go back to nursing my sunday night headache.


  1. wow, even in the very first picture I look pretty toasted. NO MORE SHOTS! Overall a very successful night. Couldn't have done it without my favorite friends and of course, my lovely bday twin (going on 7 yrs of celebrating together), maggie wanda. another year down, another inch shorter, and another dollar poorer. thanks for coming everyone! :)

  2. soo much fun!! i cant believe i was that red and toasted from tanning! hahaha definitly good times...too bad now we must the reality of actually being 25...

    ps- its monday and im still hurting

  3. Old balls Mags and Miss - so proud you guys can join me and panties in the old lady club! Had such a fun night with you ladies!! Love you guys