Wednesday, June 30, 2010

breakfast for lunch

about a week ago i visited the crescent city farmer's market in mid-city with my friend maggie. we picked up goodies like chocolate milk, feta cheese, fresh shrimp and white nectarines (and i have to say, the white nectarines were probably the most delicious fruit i'd ever tasted). anyway, i was sifting through the fridge yesterday, trying to find something to eat, and i realized i'd forgotten about the delicious produce i bought! lebanese eggplant, green peppers, and banana peppers begged to be eaten. because i'd had a lazy morning (one of those mornings where you're just too lazy to eat breakfast, even though you're totally starving), i decided to make breakfast for lunch. i call it vegetarian "hash" - although the only reason i called it hash is because i cut up all the veggies really small. there was nothing hash about it; no bacon (sadly) and no potatoes. but it was still REALLY good. i'm sure the over easy egg and slice of white cheddar i put on top of the concoction had something to do with that.
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