Thursday, June 3, 2010

sex and the city 2

so the other night, i went to go see the new sex and the city movie with my friends. i didn't go because i was the hugest fan of the series ever (in fact, i didn't even watch it while it was on television - one of my college roommates had the entire series and sitting on the couch watching hours of dvds whilst hungover and ordering food was a way of life - totally not the case anymore). i went because the first movie and the series were just so fun to watch.

anyway, i guess the movie has been declared a "flop" and has garnered some criticism because it isn't "relatable." well, i beg to differ. as such, i have put together a list of things from the movie i found to be totally relatable.

warning! spoilers ahead!

carrie getting big a vintage, inscribed rolex from 1968 for their 2 year wedding anniversary = christmas '04, when i bought marty a guess leather watch from carson pirie scott for $60 and matching baseball cap; marty promptly broke the watch and gave the cap to his little cousin matt because it was too small for his gargantuan head. relatable.

samantha wearing the same dress as miley cyrus to smith's red carpet movie premier in new york = the not one, not two, but three occasions during these past finals when my friend kiki and i met to study together and wore the exact same outfit of black old navy yoga pants and green t-shirts. relatable.

carrie escaping to her old apartment to visit her clothes, getting picked up by big to go out for a night on the town and wearing a dior dress from 10 years ago = me staying at my parents' house to study for finals, running low on time after finals and not having a dress to wear to law school graduation, trying on old dresses and almost settling on the ann taylor dress i bought on clearance in 2005 and wore to college graduation. relatable.

ladies getting picked up at the airport in abu dhabi following a nonstop flight in first class by four individual white maybachs = arriving in buenos aires at 4 am after 24 hours of travel and 4 layovers, it having snowed for the first time in 90 years, and piling into an old cab wearing socks as gloves. relatable.

ladies arriving at their comped $22,000/night suite to 4 butlers and scheduled massages = arriving at the $12/night hostel in buenos aires to check-in in 12 hours, a rave going on in the lobby and sharing a stained couch with 3 travel companions, 4 backpacks and a couple, making out. relatable.

wearing couture and changing 4 times daily in abu dhabi = wearing the same pair of jeans every day for 21 days because of the unseasonably cold winter (see above) in south america and i'd brought but one pair of long pants. relatable.

liza minelli officiating stanford and anthony's wedding = dick durbin speaking at my law school graduation about immigration and elena kagan. relatable.

i could go on, but i think you get the picture. how does satc 2 relate to your life?

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