Friday, June 11, 2010

study break in new orleans

after what felt like days of studying (but was in fact only a 3-hour marathon reading session at a cafe), my study buddy maggie and i drove over to the quarter for the cajun zydeco, creole tomato and louisiana seafood festivals (yes, all three!). what was supposed to be a quick bite to eat and some fresh air turned into two hours of visiting with friends and a strawberry beer. whatevs. that's just how study breaks go in new orleans, i've decided.
i've determined that i need to keep a blanket with me at all times. there have been just too many missed opportunities to lay down in the grass and listen to some music whilst avoiding bug bites.
with one meal i managed to cash in on all three festivals - a shrimp remoulade-stuffed creole tomato which i scarfed while listening to sunpie & the louisiana sunspots

the festivals are all weekend at the old u.s. mint in the quarter - i might have to take another "study break" and get another creole tomato!

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