Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a toni-centric photo spread

we have toni again! this is now our third time having her and toni is finally starting to not have to go on anti-depressants and lose her will to live when she leaves missy's brother. the fact that these visits are becoming increasingly more frequent leads me to believe/hope that we may be inheriting this little pup very soon (ahem, hint hint, rob). rob, like any male technophile, has the tendency to pass down his no-longer-wanted or outdated purchases to his grateful younger sister (ipod, digital camera... i'm sure there's been a cell phone here or there). while little tony is by no means unwanted or outdated - considering since she's a mere 6 months old - his schedule is demanding and we are extraordinary pet-sitters. i rest my case. now enjoy!
belly rub whore

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  1. hahaha yes all very true. And yes, there has been a cell phone...the one and only RAZOR was robs. and don't forgot my high school ride, before sunny, the white grand am.

    getting back to toni, my one true love. she is seriously the most adorable being there is. It's a crime to be that cute. DANGER...