Tuesday, June 22, 2010

whirlwind weekend

so, my weekend at home went off without a hitch. everything was super fun but unfortunately super fast. i guess i'll have to get used to that from now on, right? this weekend was decidedly family-oriented, with marty's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary (wow!), marty's parents' grandpa and grandma-rama (a la gaga) slash "housewarming" - they just redid their house and my brilliant and talented best friend gillian decorated the whole thing - and of course, father's day. with all that happening i barely had time to blink, let alone take photos, so here are the 3 measly pictures i took:
still in new orleans, super early in the morning.
i always loved these games as a child. what are they called?
although, i don't think i could ever own them because they remind me of the doctor's office. same goes for "highlights."
my mom "made" (ok, ok, bought, but don't tell my dad) this chlodnik, which is a cold soup made of young beets, radishes, scallions and dill. it sounds quite strange but on a hot summer day it really hits the spot!

anyway, so that was the weekend - ridiculously busy with "we are family" on repeat as the soundtrack. from here on out there are just a few guideposts before THE BAR - dun, dun, dunnnn - including a quick 4th of july weekend trip for some phish concerts and helping my lovely new roommate move in to our new apartment. i picked up the keys yesterday and went to check it out; apparently the neighborhood wasp was also interested in my new digs, so he followed us into the apartment and proceeded to make love to the ceiling while marty did battle with a sheet of paper (there are no fly-swatters in an unfurnished, completely empty apartment, unfortunately).

that said, sorry for the lack of posts! i am back on my a-game as of right now!

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