Wednesday, June 16, 2010

nutella craving

i came across this image of a banana-nutella sandwich on we heart it and it reminded me of 2 things:

1. i miss the toast with nutella i was fed as a child, when willpower consisted of the serving size my mother designated as appropriate and i didn't have the wherewithal to just grab a spoon and go to town on that medium-sized jar of hazelnut chocolate goodness
2. i miss melt fest, a music festival in germany i went to 2 years ago on a whim with little money and almost no dietary forethought, where several meals consisted of banana-nutella crepes because they were the cheapest thing you could buy (other than hempseed turkey gyros) and my festival friends and i had foolishly stocked up on a trunk full of perishable and frozen goods that, by day 3 of the festival and no cooler, were less than appetizing

well that was fun. doesn't everyone have nutella-centric memories*?

*i think chris rose would have something to say about that

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