Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial weekend catch-up

quite the weekend! lemme break it down for ya:
on friday, marty and i went for lunch at st. james cheese company (i am still reeling/reminiscing over the cheese and deliciousness). afterward, we went to the fly, where we hung out by the river, cooked out and played games. later in the evening we went to a friend's backyard cookout and enjoyed lots of bacon-wrapped delectables.

friday was a long day, so we rested on saturday, couch-surfing all day (in our defense, the weather was pretty bad in new orleans all weekend). we watched "law abiding citizen," which was super thiller-y, and then took a trip to the store for a pre-made pizza and monopoly (which i'd never played in my life! i know, i'm a freak). driving home with a boardgame, a 16-inch uncooked pizza and two people on a schwinn scooter in the rain was no easy feat - by the time we returned home, the pizza was bent in half and morale was low.

on sunday we apartment hunted, took an impromptu trip to audubon park for some illegal, and fruitless fishing, and ended the day at the local watering hole, kingpin, with newcastles and shuffleboard. shuffleboard, like monopoly, was a new experience for moi.

memorial day was spent apartment viewing (may have found a winner! more on that later) and at a friend's birthday bbq. lots of cookouts this weekend!

hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend!

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