Thursday, May 20, 2010

that's why god made mexico

the day i've been dreading for the last 3 years has arrived - bar review started today. well, ok, i guess i haven't dreaded bar review that much; really, it's the actual bar i've dreaded. and ever since i chose to take the longest bar in the country in the only state in the union that follows the civil code, my dread has increased exponentially, making bar review (i use that term loosely) of a type of law i never actually studied quite terrifying in and of itself. all in all, the day wasn't too terrible, minus the fact that the class started half an hour earlier than it normally will start AND we had to show up even earlier to register! not cool. to add insult to injury, all of my illinoisan compadres don't start review until monday - which is why two of my fellow grads are currently in mexico getting sunburned as i organize marty's socks to avoid studying. such is life.

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  1. "as I organize martys socks to avoid studying" I miss you best friend. Haha