Monday, June 7, 2010

oyster fest

marty and i headed over to oyster fest on saturday
just in the nick of time, so it seems
it was HOT but the music was good and the food even better
i'm glad marty is so amenable to me taking pictures of him while he eats hot food on a hot blacktop on a hot, sunny day (a person of lesser self-confidence (me) would never stand for it). i couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a photographic memory of the shrimp & cheese grits from pat o's. the burned tongues and sweaty faces were worth it.

big ups to marty for having to forethought to fill a nalgene with ice water before we left. considering we had $14 to try and share at least 2 things (that is our self-imposed food festival rule), a beverage just wasn't in the cards.

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