Saturday, June 19, 2010

random acts of kindness

i flew into chicago yesterday, and my sweet new friend alison offered to drive me to the airport in new orleans. at 6 a.m. i reciprocated with breakfast consisting of a nectarine and croissants with strawberry preserves, but it didn't quite match up.

later when i was already home without a hitch (thanks to alison's driving, of course), a huge storm hit chicago and my poor mom was caught driving in it. when she got home, she found a guy hiding from the storm beneath our garage awning, soaked to the bone with a broken umbrella. she invited him in, gave him a towel and tea. after the storm passed, my parents sent him on his way with a new umbrella from our coat closet. perhaps alison will be happy to know i paid it forward.

i've been blessed to see these random acts of kindness throughout my life: some years ago in poland, there was a huge romani population (they've since dispersed). when i was younger, visiting poland for the summer with my parents, we were often approached by small children begging for food or money. when this happened, my parents never said no, even though chances were the money would benefit not the child but their parents in some way. one time, in response to such a request, my dad walked into a nearby grocery store and equipped the child and his mother with milk, bread, cheese and other essentials. she wasn't too happy but at least the money was well spent.

"always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle" - plato.

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