Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i want to be wearing tie-dye and birkenstocks

nora and i at our first phish show ever
toyota park lot

i really may have shot myself in the foot by coming down to new orleans to study for the bar. in what seems like a once-in-a-lifetime turn of events*, phish's summer tour opener is this friday in chicago at toyota park (which also happens to be the location of my inaugural phish show). and i'm not going.

but marty is. so are two of his sisters, two of his cousins, and a plethora of our fan-friends. something does not add up. martian is taking the train, however, and that makes me slightly less jealous. at first i thought the prospect of a cross-country train ride sounded incredibly romantic and relaxing. then i found out that the ride is 19 hours long, goes mostly through the night and the amount of sleepers is limited and expensive. goooood luck with that, mart. i have a way more fun and glamourous weekend ahead of me that includes bar review class on saturday morning and a number of planned** library dates with fellow bar sufferers. a phish concert and a weekend at home to see family and friends sounds way less fun.

anyway i decided i have no business being too sad because phish did a four-day run in miami over new years and i was lucky enough to go to two shows with becky (including the one on new year's eve!). mart was not there and he took it like a champ. so long as he doesn't gloat, we'll be okay. besides, i managed to sneak in my dslr in miami, something that would never fly in chicago (music venues are not too keen on professional-looking cameras). here are some of my faves from those shows:

*i have a flair for the dramatic, i'll admit
** i can't guarantee we'll actually follow through on these study dates

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  1. this makes me want to re-live that new years show