Saturday, June 26, 2010

fairweather sports fan

i think i speak for a lot of us when i say i don't really follow soccer. or hockey. or baseball. or basketball. i could go on but i don't think i can name any more sports. anyway, with all this world cup hoopla going on obviously i've been drawn in by housemates watching and the inability to turn down an excuse not to study. as such, i spent the morning drinking coffee, eating eggo waffles and watching germany vs. england. germany's win made me reminiscent of my study abroad trip to germany, and specifically of the uefa euro 2008 championship, which i watched with my fairweather fandom kicked into high gear.
i think my outfit is proof of just how into it i was
the streets of augsburg all aglow after a loss, no less
following said loss to spain, some friends who'd been wearing german flags as skirts ripped them up and passed out the remnants for all to wear. i'm sure someone in england is doing the same as we speak.

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