Sunday, April 25, 2010

cafe bernard

sorry for the serious lapse in posting - finals are here (well, almost) and i am in study mode - at least to the extent of not letting myself live the fabulous, exciting life i'm accustomed to.* in any case, i just thought i'd share this adorable french bistro down the street from my apartment. cafe bernard is intimate and cozy, the food is delicious and affordable (they have a great price fixe menu, and it doesn't have to be restaurant week to enjoy it), and it has an adjoining wine bar, the red rooster! i went there once with my parents and we were all very impressed. once i'm back to my old tricks following finals and before the big move, i'll definitely be taking one of many victory laps there!

how are you spending your weekend? buried by books or having fun? if it's having fun, spare me.

*ya, okay.

1 comment:

  1. i was also buried in books... i have been wanting to venture into this place...we should def go before you leave us!