Thursday, April 1, 2010

easter weekend!

easter weekend is upon us, and because marty is* in town, i all of a sudden have a very full weekend. tomorrow we're driving out to inverness to have good friday dinner with his family and grandparents, saturday we'll be blessing the easter basket (aka, i'll be eating bread and hard-boiled egg out of the basket in the backseat of the car on the way to church) and eating dinner with my family and friends, and on sunday we'll be good chreasters by going to church and brunch with my dad, followed by sunday dinner with marty's family. so busy! knowing this would be an issue, and in consideration of the fact that my mom is out of town (ew, that was such a lawyerly sentence), i decorated my parents' house last week:
how funny is this guy? a very non-traditional easter rabbit, i think
my mom has amassed the most beautiful hand-painted easter eggs. every year i get more and more jealous of her ever-growing collection. pretty soon i'm going to have to start siphoning a few of them away from her...
i don't know where this big guy came from but he's awesome
polish artists take the palms from palm sunday and create these beautiful pieces...
which my mom wraps carefully and laboriously in plastic every year and prays to the easter bunny that they'll survive in the basement

*by is i mean will be. someone didn't realize his flight was not today until he showed up at the airport this morning and was informed that his flight was, in fact, tomorrow.

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