Wednesday, April 28, 2010

minolta memories: the over-exposed series

do you remember that feeling you got after a night out when you would dutifully march over to walgreens the next morning (aka afternoon) to develop the disposable camera you'd used? the waiting, the wondering... oh those days before digital cameras, when you had literally one chance to record the moment and you wouldn't see the outcome until you developed the roll, be it the next day or months later after that disposable camera got lost the shuffle of purses and clutches designated for nights out.

anyways, true to my promise to take more pictures with my old minolta, i dusted off the camera and discovered a roll that'd been in it for at least a few months. as i ran to the photo counter at walgreens with the roll, all that giddy anticipation from the days of disposables came rushing back. some of the images weren't quite what i expected, but like i said, expired film and a screwy old camera will do that to ya. here are some of the images from what i've dubbed the "over-exposed series":
here's the back of marty's house in new orleans
marty, his roommates, becky and ivy during mardi gras!
there's more where these came from and don't worry, they're not all blinding.

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  1. that picture of us after the parade is creepy.. it looks like that filter you can use on photobooth on a mac, agh!