Thursday, April 22, 2010

my minolta

as i was perusing we heart it this morning i came across this great image:
find the image here
i have the exact same camera! it's a minolta xg-1, released in 1978. my dad bought it in the early 80s and i bring it out for special, sunny occasions (because it has no flash and the metering is on the fritz). because it is sunny in chicago approximately 47 days out of the year, i haven't used it yet this season, so i wanted to share some of my past minolta favorites.
my friends, miriam and moritz, from germany
see? told ya i like boat tours
an old camera + expired film makes everything look like it was shot in another era
this is at the chicago air and water show, on north avenue beach
of course mark and mary have to make an appearance

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  1. these are awesome, the old film really makes it that much more interesting. you will have to bust it out in nola