Thursday, April 8, 2010

a cluttered wall

the day my future roommate and i move in together is drawing near. i wish we knew what our apartment looked like so i could start furnishing and decorating it in my mind (and in my parents' basement). i've had to satisfy my decorating cravings by scouring the internet for ideas. the one thing i do know is that becky (an artist) and i (a collector of all things artsy) are going to have a lot of things to hang on our wall. i've come across a lot of images lately of cluttered or bunched wall hangings that look really cool and not at all too cluttered:
the colors make me want to puke but i like how the frames follow the silhouette of the workspace
i like the alternating shapes and sizes
love the dance-themed photographs above the piano
the problem is that both becky and i have been inspired by these mirror clusters - the problem being that we own all of one mirror between the two of us, so creating a mirror cluster would involve more collecting. i think it's a sacrifice we're both willing to make

this is ideal. and the beautiful cabinet beneath it. and the wall color. and the flowers and branches, adding texture. and the beautiful hardwood floor. can i move in?

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  1. i have a feeling our apt will be "cluttered yet organized".. with a random denim couch.